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Questions and answers about booking a service

Scheduling is easy! Book online from any device on our website and click “Book Service”.

Select a car wash/detail or an oil change package, and any other add-on services you’d like.

Select an available time, fill out the rest of the form with your personal details, the location of the car to be serviced and we will be there!

In as little as 1 hour for car washes. Oil changes and maintenance services have to be booked 18 hours in advance to give our technicians time to select the right parts for your vehicle. Handled technicians are available from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., 7 days a week.

A credit card is needed to hold appointment slots and will not be charged until after your car is serviced.

We notify you several times about your scheduled service, starting with a confirmation email right after you book a service.

After that, you will get text notifications when your technician on is on the way along with an estimated time of arrival. Your technician will call when they arrive. Just meet them with your keys and you're all set!

Handled services all cities in the Greater Houston area. Check out our service area for more info!

Scheduled services can easily be cancelled or rescheduled without any extra charges in your Handled user account.

You can also reach out to us by using the our live chat, the form on the Contact Us page or by calling us at 888-671-6886.


General questions and answers

Not a chance! Handled prides itself on leaving your area looking absolutely untouched or changed after a service.

We use a nearly-waterless system of detailing to wash your vehicle. Our waterless system does not produce any runoffs or water stains.

For oil changes, Handled uses a process called vacuum extraction (when applicable) which enables us to pull all of your old oil out from the engine without opening your drain pan. We also place oil-absorbent mats under your vehicle to ensure the cleanliness of your driveway.

You bet. Handled uses several new and innovative processes to ensure the safety of your vehicle while it is being serviced, wherever you are.

Some of these processes include using hydraulic vehicle jacks for quick and safe vehicle elevation, vacuum extraction for all liquids, magnetic fender covers, auxiliary power backups, extensive support networks, a waterless car wash system and much, much more.

If our technician something else wrong with your car, you will be immediately notified.

Also, if our mechanic finds that your car doesn’t need all of the services that you requested, we will remove the unnecessary services and lower your bill. But, as always, you control what services are performed on your vehicle.

It’s easy! Having Handled come to clean or service the vehicles of your residents or employees is a huge perk. We already have partnership agreements with many of Houston’s best apartment complexes and employers.

Just reach out on our Contact Us page or call us toll-free at 888-671-6886 and we’ll take of the rest.

We'd love to talk to you! Reach out on our Contact Us page.

We use a nearly-waterless system of detailing to wash your vehicle. We use about 1 gallon of water to wash your entire car, hence, there are no water runoffs after your service is complete.


Questions and answers about pricing

All bookings occur on the website, or via our toll-free number. During the booking process, you are asked to supply your credit card information so Handled can hold your booking slot.

Handled does not charge you before your service has been completed.

The funds are only transferred after your service is complete and after you have been completely satisfied.

The price charged will always be the one that was quoted during your booking. No upcharges or shady business when you use Handled!

We do not accept checks or cash. We apologize for the inconvenience.

All Handled technicians are well-compensated employees of Handled and will not accept tips.

If you are pleased with our services, please recommend us to your friends. Please consider leaving a review on Yelp or Facebook.

We would be happy to resolve any billing issues that you may have. Please contact us through your account Handled user account, our Contact Us page or call 888-671-6886. Please provide your account information (phone number or email) when you contact us and we will help you in every way we can.

Not at all! The convenience of coming to your home or work, is part of the set price.

No! The amount of time spent on your car will not affect your bill. The price you see on our booking form is the price you will pay when your service is complete.

We want to make sure your car looks amazing and is running at its best, no matter how long it takes.


Questions and answers about parts

At Handled, we only use premium Mobil 1™ motor oil, brand-new OEM-grade parts, and top of the line car wash materials to guarantee the integrity of the service provided by Handled technicians.

All materials used by our technicians go through a thorough selection process and adhere to the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) specifications and recommendations.

In many cases, we even exceed these recommendations. Your safety and satisfaction is our utmost priority and high-quality parts help us maintain that standard of safety.

No way! At Handled, we believe that pre-owned parts or refurbished materials could decrease the lifespan of your vehicle. For this reason, we do not use pre-owned or refurbished parts. Our first priority is your safety and satisfaction.

We use only premium Mobil 1™ full-synthetic line of oil products due to their track record of excellence and proven reliability.

Handled has close ties with parts suppliers of every kind. Our parts come from reputable local parts suppliers in your area.

All parts used by Handled are in accordance with the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) specifications and recommendations. In many cases, we even exceed these recommendations.

We also use extremely high-quality after-market parts if we have deemed (through a rigorous inspection process) that they are better for your vehicle.

No way at all! We do not use any materials that have come from junkyards.


Questions and answers about technicians

All of our mechanics are ASE certified and have at least three years of experience working in the automotive industry.

Handled mechanics can perform almost any auto maintenance service. We take great pride in the competence, reliability, and honesty of our mechanics. All of our car wash and detail technicians also go through a rigorous vetting and training process. Less than 2% of those who apply get through this rigorous screening.

Oh yes! Unlike other companies, Handled directly employs all of its workers instead of using contractors to work on your car. We do this to ensure the quality, legitimacy, and honesty of our employees.

Handled employees are screened through a two-step process:

  • Our technicians go through a series of rigorous background checks, skills checks, and behavioural interviews. Less than 1% of the technicians who apply are hired due to Handled’s high expectations of our employees.
  • Once a prospective employee passes the screening process, we then train them on additional processes to ensure quality.
  • After this, the technician undergoes a “ride along” period in which they shadow our most experienced technicians, who evaluate them over a weeks-long period. If they have satisfied Handled’s standards over this period then they are upgraded to a Handled Certified Technician.

  • All Handled technicians have been cross-trained to deal with most vehicle types and makes. However, once you complete your booking, we evaluate your vehicle information and, if we see that it may be a specialized vehicle, we then assign it to the appropriate mechanic who is licensed and experienced to service that vehicle.


    Questions and answers about accounts

    You may view your receipt on your Handled user account at any time. A copy of the receipt and service report will also be emailed to you after the technician has finished working on your car.

    You can log into your account to manage all your bookings, by clicking this link.

    You can log into your account to manage all your bookings, by clicking this link.


    Questions and answers about insurance and warranty

    Yes! We carry $1 million in commercial general liability insurance along with all of the other industry standard insurance policies.

    We also carry garage insurance which protects you on any maintenance and car wash service performed on your vehicle.

    Maintenance services are covered by our Handled Maintenance Warranty

    Car washes and detailing services are backed by our 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee. If you are not pleased with your car wash we will come out and wash it again, no questions asked!

    All claims can be submitted via our Contact Us page or by calling us at 888-671-6886 during the warranty period.

    Now it's easier than ever take care of your car. Get back to what matters, with Handled.

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